Payment Methods Accepted at Golden Casinos

The golden casinos accepts only a handful of different payment methods from international players of all kinds, and the options available for withdrawals are even smaller, have fun at site. Direct bank transfers and wire transfers are not permitted and the majority of prepaid debit cards issued by financial institutions are equally prohibited. However, for those few methods that are accepted, players can enjoy exclusive deposit bonuses and almost instantaneous transaction speeds.

Currently there are only two major credit cards that are accepted at the golden casinos and with online sports betting. Both Visa and MasterCard are nominally permitted for deposits with a 10% deposit bonus. However, many financial institutions that back these cards do not permit direct transactions with online casinos. Players must confirm that their financial institution does allow such transactions before the card is used.

The golden casinos also accepts deposits and withdrawals from a single eWallet company. Neteller, a leading international company, allows players to deposit money into electronic accounts. These accounts can then be used to make payments at online retailers and deposit into online casino accounts. Customers can even withdraw cash through ATMs using their Neteller accounts. Players who choose to use Neteller for their deposit method will also enjoy a 10% bonus on every deposit they make with Global Live Casino.

To avoid fraudulent transactions and to protect players from theft, the casino requires that each of the payment methods it accepts be registered and verified with the casino prior to use. In addition, they reserve the right to request verification of players' identities before releasing any funds for withdrawals. Players will have to sign an authorization form and submit copies of their personal IDs, utility bills, and credit cards they have used while playing at the golden casinos. Failure to submit any of these documents may delay or prevent withdrawal of any winnings earned at the golden casinos in playing your favorite Roulette online game.

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