Terms and Conditions of Playing at Casino Titan

Like all legally operating online casinos the Casino Titan website has a number of specific terms and conditions that apply to players and users of the website, check this website at thebettingclub.info. These rules are designed to both protect the users and the casino alike, and should be read in their entirety before players sign on to play. Even for those that avoid reading lengthy legal documents that will govern their rights and expectations on the site, there are some highlights that every player should keep in mind. Only those who are of a legal age and residing in a country that allows online gambling can legally access and use the site t play Roulette online. Those who are forbidden under any laws and who choose to use the website for more than entertainment purposes will have no legal recourse in the event of any conflict or complaint.
Promotions, Bonuses, and Special Offers
Players also have a number of terms and conditions that apply to the promotions, bonuses and special offers provided by the Casino Titan. Players must actively claim their bonuses before they can be deposited into the account. Failure to claim them before play begins can result in the loss of any bonus cash and play Backgammon Games. Bonuses cannot be returned once they have been claimed, and all wagering requirements go into effect the moment the bonus is deposited. Players must also confirm their identities and method of payment to confirm that the bonus does not go to those who cannot qualify. Attempts to convey misleading or incorrect information are considered acts of fraud and can result in both civil and criminal prosecution in the player's own country. To protect themselves and their additional players, the casino reserves the right to review all financial transactions at any time and cancel accounts for any evidence of impropriety, fraud, or deception trust casino site listed at Casino Directory for security..

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